Encouraging people to eat nutritious and delicious food.

We Love Food!

At Inline Health we believe that food helps you heal the body and mind making your diet very important. Changing your diet can change the way you feel, look and move. Sometimes we do not realise what we are putting into our bodies in this modern day world. We would like to make you aware of this.

Nutrition Club

Everybody needs inspiration, help or support when eating healthily. Even those who are really healthy I'm sure have times of weakness. Everybody has individual needs and goals they want their diet to achieve and not everybody wants to go to see a nutritionist every time their goal changes. That is why we have created a Nutrition Club.

It is an affordable and fun way to discuss and seek advice on nutrition.

We meet once a month on the last Saturday of the month. The meetings include:

  • Talks on nutrition by in house and external speakers. Topics will be announced at the beginning of the month.
  • Discussion Time- sharing ideas and experiences linked with food and nutrition.
  • Recipe ideas and swaps. Encouraging you to go away and try different recipes and report back next month.
  • Tasting of food.

Yoga Balances the Body and Mind using Breath.

Just Breath!

Breath is the key to connecting the mind with the body. When you connect the body and mind you create an internal focus away from life giving you the ability to release deep- seated tension in the muscles and the capability to clear the mind.

If you Practice Yoga the World is a Better Place.

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Sports Massage

Physiotherapist performing a leg massage

Our sports massage therapists are experts in using this technique to effectively treat a variety of conditions from neck pain to shin splints.

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Physiotherapist performing a back massage

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A woman doing pilates in a exercise studio

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