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Our sports massage therapists are experts in using this technique to effectively treat a variety of conditions from neck pain to shin splints.

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Osteopathy is a natural way of healing the body. Our osteopaths will treat you through a range of manual techniques.

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Top Tips For Nausea During Pregnancy

A few items that helped me through! Thank you to those that gave me gifts and tips 🙂

During my pregnancy from week 4 to week 13 I suffered with bad nausea and sickness. Whilst not as bad as some, I was sick about 4 times per day with a few days here and there that were better but it is not a pleasant experience even though it is for an amazing reason! It is also at a time that you are keeping it a secret from a lot of people and this can be extremely hard. So getting tips can be limited to the people you can tell. I had some advice that helped me and then at 12 weeks when I was starting to think it was going to last the entire pregnancy I was able to tell more people and start gathering more tips. It only lasted a week after that lol!

The heightened sense of smell came as such a shock to me and some smells caused this overwhelming feeling of sickness and sometimes vomiting. I always thought when I was pregnant that I would eat so well to nourish my child but I wasn’t expecting the food and drink I totally went off to be my favourite things such as vegetables and curry and the food I did eat was not usually part of my diet CARBS CARBS CARBS and plain food! I couldn’t believe I even went off tea and chocolate!! The following list helped me through the rough times:

Ginger biscuits before getting up.  This is the one that stopped me being sick as soon as I stood up in the morning. Eat a couple and slowly get out of bed. Don’t move about too quickly. I’m not a biscuit person and quite health conscious so eating biscuits in the morning seemed a little naughty but ANYTHING to survive and feel better!

Fresh ginger add lemon to it, place it under the tongue and suck on it throughout the day. This was one from Katerina our Osteopath. The only trouble is you have to be prepared with fresh ingredients and its not the easiest to carry around but if you are at home it’s nice. I used Gin Gins which is a suckable sweet that my mum gave me. They were great!

Avoid eating and drinking together especially in the morning, wait 30minutes. I did this sometimes but sometimes I had to drink whenever I wanted to to take advantage of being able to.   I went from happily drinking 2 litres of water a day to struggling to get a glass down me!

Ginger Tea– grate fresh ginger into hot water or tea. You can also add lemon and or honey if you like. There are already prepared loose leaf varieties but don’t use tea bags as they can contain plastic. The fresher the better. T2 have some great options.

Have a bucket or bowl in your car and close to you at all times if you are not near a toilet. I was sick a couple of times in my car once where I had a cup which was enough to contain it. However, there was another incident where it overflowed and I ended up with sick all over myself and the car. This was just before I had to teach a Yoga class. Luckily my husband was off and could bring me some new clothes. Then I had to go and get my car valeted which was not cheap and quite embarrassing!

Eat little and often– little being not too big I couldn’t handle it, too little it made me feel just as bad. Every couple of hours I needed to have a snack of some sort.

Add ginger to everything possible and buy things with ginger in them such as ginger cordial for water, biscuits, tea, Gin Gins, stir fry-anything you can find haha!

Watermelon is meant to help with nausea plus if you are struggling to hydrate it’s full of water. I really struggle with water and had to have flavoured water. Also cucumber is refreshing and the only vegetable that I enjoyed.

Have something that smells nice on you at all times such as a scented candle, soap, lavender cushion or a hanky with perfume on it.  It’s often smells that will hit you and cause you to be sick.  If you know there is a smell about that will not agree with your or if you are having a number two (sorry guys) you might want to hold your nose or something over it lol.

Travel sickness wrist bands I never got to try these but I have had several people say they work. Anything is worth a try.

Mints to get rid of any after taste. I couldn’t stand having an after taste in my mouth so I had mints in my car and in my house and some in my bag. Also fresh mint is good to settle the stomach.

Breathing Yogic breathing, alternative nostril breathing or just simply slowing and deepening the breathe and paying attention to the breath each inhale through the nose and each exhale through the mouth.

Fresh Air I had to have a window open or some cool air at all times. From always being cold to always needing cool air. My husband used to always ask me are you warm enough? Now it’s are you cool enough?

Everyone is different and it’s not an exact science but hopefully the tips above helpful. Good luck to anyone going through something similar!