• Sports Massage £45 1hr
  • Sports Massage £38 45min
  • Sports Massage £30 30min
  • Osteopathy Initial Consultation £50 1hr (you will need this length for your first appointment)
  • Osteopathy Initial Consultation £45 45min
  • Osteopathy Initial Consultation £32 30min
  • Osteopathy Follow Up £35 30min
  • Pilates & Yoga 1:1's £40 1hr
  • 6 X Pilates 1:1's £185

Class Passes (under memberships on the online booking system)

  • 6 Class Pass for 1hr Classes £48
  • 6 Class Pass for 1hr + Classes £51
  • 6 Class Pass for Pilates Rehabilitation at St Paul's Church £54
  • 6 Class Pass for 45 min Classes £45
  • Meditation 6 Class Pass £24

Class passes last for 8 weeks from the first time you register for a class.

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 01622 410160 or email us at

Sports Massage

Physiotherapist performing a leg massage

Our sports massage therapists are experts in using this technique to effectively treat a variety of conditions from neck pain to shin splints.

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Physiotherapist performing a back massage

Osteopathy is a natural way of healing the body. Our osteopaths will treat you through a range of manual techniques.

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A woman doing pilates in a exercise studio

Inline Health Ltd run 1:1 Pilates sessions at the clinic and also run clinical Pilates classes at three different locations, for people of all levels, throughout the week.

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